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Rest in Power

The Messiah

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz

Our Champion

We have so many jesus in our history we can study to change our reality, but my people prefer to celebrate & study white jesus smh

Bless him

"   I tell myself it’s not love
I go to sleep craving your skin on me
Craving something from you
I tell myself it’s just lust 
I look at him as he flicks out a cigarette from his pocket, puts it between his teeth and lights it up 
God dammit it turned me on 
The way he looks at me with eyes full of lust
He inhales it’s toxic and then puts it out halfway without even finishing it
My mind tells me it’s a metaphor, he doesn’t put that killing thing between his teeth to scare people but for the way it makes him feel, full of desire
I don’t want to be his cigarette
I don’t want to be his ten minute break
He can’t put me out after lighting me up   "
"   Never leave someone who touches your soul more than your body.   "
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